Ever wondered what you need to know before locking in that luxury purchase?

The Cartier Love Bracelet, now an iconic piece of luxury, was initially dreamed up by Italian jewellery designer Aldo Cipullo in 1969. As a symbol of love, a commitment not dissimilar from the traditional wedding ring, it now exists as a reminder of a transgressing love. Wrapped onto your wrist by a lover and locked into place with a vermeil screwdriver; whether you see yourself joined into romantic love or forever trapped by your counterpart is determined by many a thing. Nevertheless, the Cartier Bracelet persists with whimsical humour.


Instantly recognisable, the Cartier Love Bracelet never ages. Available in yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, and white gold at varying price points, the classic bangle has more recently been translated into smaller, thinner and lighter versions becoming available to a broader market. It can be embellished with diamonds and gemstones or engraved for a personal touch.


One of the most important things to consider when choosing your Cartier Love Bracelet is the size. After all, you’ll be wearing it most, if not all of the time, so fit is paramount.

There are several sizes to choose from:

15: 15 cm (5.9 inches)

16: 16 cm (6.3 inches)

17: 17 cm (6.7 inches)

18: 18 cm (7.1 inches)

19: 19cm (7.5 inches)

20: 20cm (7.9 inches)

21: 21 cm (8.3 inches)

We recommend downloading and printing the Cartier wrist ruler to ensure fit (though you can also use a standard seamstress’ tape measure.)

To note: this bangle is fitted and sized uniquely, so using the sizing guide carefully is a must.


- Check that your “page scaling” is set to “none” to ensure your measurements are accurate.

- Carefully cut along the edges, adding a centre slit where indicated at the base of the ruler.

- Create a loop with the wrist ruler and slide the end through the slit you just created.

- Slip-on. Slip your hand through the loop and rest the ruler “bracelet” on your wrist bone.

- Pull the end to tighten the ruler until it fits comfortably. It should fit snugly, resting on your arm but without pressing into your skin.

- Now take a look at the number that is aligned at the slit — this is your wrist size. If it’s in between numbers, round up so that the bangle fits appropriately.

The same rules apply if using a tape measure just make sure that you measure from the endpoint of the tape. If the numbers begin a centimetre or two in from the end, be sure to note that when measuring. 


In determining which Love Bracelet works best for you, you have to consider the original screw system or the new one. But let’s get something out of the way, they look the same. So what’s the difference? The screws in the original system come out entirely when removing the bangle, whereas the screws in the new system remain attached. The newer system makes the bangle easier to put on alone, and there’s less chance of losing any screws, but the choice is yours.  

Are you thinking about purchasing the small version? The Small Love Bracelet has one screw that does not come out, but it does have a hinge making it easier to wear.


The question of the decade is which to choose, but first of all, no matter which one you decide upon, the sizing remains the same. So, what is the difference? The width and weight of the bracelet, and of course, the price. The classic is larger, thicker, and more substantial, whilst the small is thinner and daintier. The screw system for the small is also different from the original. In the end, it is a matter of taste.


Consider placing the bracelet on the hand you use least often. Not only will it be out of the way, but it will be less likely to get scratched. And keep in mind that just like zippers and nameplates, this bracelet is susceptible to minor scuffs and scratches. Whether you choose the original screw system or the new, you’ll want to unscrew both screws entirely before taking the bracelet off to avoid misshaping the system. Like any fine designer piece, you’ll need to take good care of it and treat it like the gem that it is! Thankfully, the Cartier Love Bracelet does come with a set of items to help you care for it.


Check the “comes with” section on the FASHIONPHILE product page to see what comes with your item. But as a general note, The Love Bracelet comes, quite obviously, in a beautiful case, and with a vermeil screwdriver which we suggest you keep in a safe place ready to use should you decide to take your bracelet off.


The Cartier Love Bracelet has consistently held its value over the decades, and it’s no surprise that it’s even more popular today with more options and styles than ever before. It’s a worthy investment for both your jewellery collection and your relationship. And should you ever choose to sell it, you’ll be able to do so quite easily. If you want to keep it forever, it’s a piece that embodies the tenets of luxury - one that can and should be passed down to future generations.