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selling with us is simple
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1. What kind of brands do you buy? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

We are offered a large number of products and only take what we feel fits our current selection. The criteria for us in taking on an item is that it is a superbrand in good condition or a vintage item with a quirky and unusual twist.

As such, we do not accept items that are:

  • Damaged
  • High street items and Mid Range items (e.g. Bally, Max Mara, DKNY, Mulberry, Ferragamo, and similar)
  • Overpriced consignments
2. How do you price the items? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

When determining a price, we use our own as well as third parties' records of sale and consider every variable: from wear and tear to comparing prices online excluding custom duties, commissions, VAT, and shipping fees. We examine everything. We appreciate that you may have seen an item selling at double the price somewhere else but it is worth considering that items located on various portals include DDP (duty paid on delivery) which is often over 50% and included in the final price and on top of the initial cost. Ultimately, the only important metric is a factual record of a completed sale rather than an advertised price.

3. Can I double or triple my money if I sell a brand-new Hermès bag to you? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

If you are one of the lucky few to buy a bag directly from Hermès, please do not offer the bags to us for double or triple the original price. While we fully understand that bags do appreciate in value every year and that they are very hard to get you are essentially doing our job at a much higher commission.

We understand many companies do that but we chose not to and that’s a choice. Bags purchased at those inflated prices have no resale value for a very long time leaving the potential buyer in a precarious position of losing money if they want to resell their bag.

This does not align with our values both in terms of circularity and investment value, which are at the core of what we do.

4. What is your commission fee? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

We issue a legally binding contract and tell you the payout you will receive, net of any commissions, shipping, or duty costs – there are no hidden fees or amounts deducted from your payout. When selling in our network of resale channels, we apply a range of transaction fees on top of your payout, which vary by marketplace and geography.

These are: resale commission fee, shipping and customs duty fees, depending on the distance between your item and the prospective buyer, and any payment gateway fees charged on the transaction. Your items are listed via Rewind's trusted platforms, which connect with the best partner marketplaces in the world, such as Farfetch, 1stDibs, and many more. Through this network, you gain access to a potential global audience of 70 million shoppers of pre-loved pieces.