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1. Why should you value your bag with us? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

We are one of the most experienced, unbiased vintage handbags and accessories specialists in this field. We’ve been doing this for a long time and know our trade: as industry insiders, we are aware of both market changes. We retrieve data from an array of different sources.

2. What determines the value of the bag? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

There are many factors that determine the value of a bag. Some of the key factors we look for are brand & model, material, condition, quality, rarity, accessories, and the origin or proof of purchase.

3. Can I use this certificate for insurance purposes? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

Yes! This valuation is accepted by all major insurers and it will prove to be invaluable if your handbag appears to be lost, damaged, or stolen.

4. How often do I need to check the value of my valuables? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

The handbag prices for superbrands increase at an average 12% rate per annum. Ideally, you would want your content policy to be updated with an accurate replacement value for each handbag you own.

5. Is this the value you would pay for my bag if I want to sell with you? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

The value on the certificate is the replacement value if your item gets damaged, lost, or stolen. It's particularly valuable if an item is hard or impossible to find in the store and you have to rely on a secondary market seller where prices are higher than in-store.

We would not offer to buy your item at that price.

6. What makes an investment bag? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

No matter what kind of investment you make, an investment is fundamentally just the process of buying anything that will increase in value over time and will give you a return. A great investment piece can be a bag you have worn for years or a bag you can resell for as much or more than you paid for. 

Consumers increasingly think about a bag’s second-life potential through resale and also the longevity of an item. The average Chanel or Hermes designer handbag price increase is approximately 12% per year, making investing in bags more lucrative than other assets.

Clearly, there are many risks associated with purchasing luxury handbags as investments, but any investment you make will include risks. The key thing to takeaway is that if the risks of the investment outweigh your potential for profit, then you may want to reconsider the investment. Any investment you make has to be well-researched because we don't play around with our money, especially when it comes to £30,000 handbags. 

7. Why are some bags not investment bags?  Generated with Avocode.Path 649

Brands that create overly recognisable seasonable styles often rely on trends that vary from season to season. One season logos are in; the next is about minimalism. Fashion trends constantly change, which is why the resale market is unpredictable. One day your bag could be on everyone’s wishlist, and the next day, it’s replaced by a different designer bag. 

Many second-tier brands often go on sale or end up in designer outlets, making them less investable. Unless of course you purchase them at 70-90% off retail and wait for the next fashion cycle when the trend is back.

8. Do you Authenticate handbags? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

We can offer Entrupy Authentication at £75 per certificate.