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Villa d'Este Via Regina
40 22012 Cernobbio


17 Rue François 1er,
75008 Paris, France


1. Are Rewind Vintage Affairs products authentic? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

Of course, they are! For more details on our Authentication process please check here.

2. Do you ship worldwide and how long does it take? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

Yes, we ship to over 120 countries. We offer free worldwide next-day shipping where applicable and use DHL, FedEx, and UPS.

You can also opt to collect your item from our London Showroom by showing your ID and confirmation email or pay an additional charge for same-day shipping in London via Addison Lee.

3. Can I view an item in person? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

If you are in London or visiting, you can book an appointment in our Central London Showroom.
We also have a pop-up store in Villa d'Este Tessabit store on Lake Como in Italy and Modes in Parispop-up.
A new store in the historical center of Como will be open in July 2023.

Please check our Contact Us section for more details.

4. Can you send me the ‘real pictures’ of an item ? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

Please note all images on the listing are 'real' and un-retouched images.

We really do not mind sending extra images if you are seriously interested in a purchase, however, please be considerate when enquiring for more images as we receive hundreds of such requests which are often difficult to manage especially if you are just curious.

Our items are in safe storage and not all in the same locations because we operate from international offices. Please note we only sell nearly new and superior condition pre-owned and vintage items. For that reason, we have anything between 5 and 12 images per listing describing the item exactly as it is in reality and leaving no room for an unpleasant surprise after purchase.

5. Can I return an item? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

Unlike many other websites that sell on an 'all sales are final' basis, we comply with long-distance regulations and don't have a problem if you change your mind.

We believe that no purchase should be final if you haven't seen an item in person and prefer to have happy customers that come back to us. We, therefore, offer a 7-day 'no questions asked ' return policy.

In order to receive a full refund the item has to be in its original condition and returned via a tracked method. The return cost is not covered but can be arranged on our end and deducted from the final purchase.

6. What to do if an item I like is out of stock? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

We receive hundreds of items every month. Please get in touch and let us know what you are looking for as we may have the item available but not yet listed on our website.

Usually, new stock will go straight to our Instagram stories and then after production, on our website. This means that a lot of our stock never makes it to the shop floor as it gets sold very quickly.

7. Can you source an item for me? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

We have a network of personal shoppers, sellers, and collectors and can help with sourcing even the most unusual pieces. We are very good at what we do and can source pretty much anything. Drop us a line and let us know what we can do for you!

8. How do I sell an item? Generated with Avocode.Path 649

We have a couple of options if  you wish to sell a superbrand item on our website.

We can take on your item on consignment which we will advertise on our website, social media, our live shows, and on every platform we sell. For consignments, we offer better terms than for cash outright where we take the risk of sitting on stock and potentially reducing the price if an item doesn't sell.

Please see the “Sell To Us” section on our website where you can upload information and pictures of the item you wish to sell.

Please note that due to the number of submissions, we will only respond if the item is right for us. We carefully evaluate every item so please make sure you provide as much information as possible.

Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs . Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs . Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs . Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs .

Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs . Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs . Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs . Follow us on the 'Gram @rewindvintageaffairs .