We’ve recently landed a delightful collection of off-beat Hermès bags. They’re all so unique that we couldn’t help but share our excitement about each and every one of them with you... The serious Hermès lover will surely be drawn to the most impressive and exclusive bags from the fashion house that sets the bar for leather goods. We know we feel like that at Rewind Vintage.

This penchant for rare, unique items doesn’t mean one self-identifies as a collector: it means deciding that adoration for handbags is justified — besides the simple value of owning something you love; a unique designer handbag is a viable, vibrant place to invest in right now.

This bag is particularly hard to find, as it’s in fact a special edition. Constructed in contrasting panels of Taurillon Clemence leather, its bold design creates a colour block effect that is to die for. It will most definitely add a pop of colour (or two…or three) to your ensembles – and the colour combinations are super unusual, which just makes these handbags all the more exquisite.

This colour palette is our favourite, with that vibrant Ultraviolet front panel, the Etain Grey flap, the Linen Blue handle… All finished off with silver hardware. We’re extra glad that we bumped into this edgy treasure.

Hermès Birkin in Fuchsia Ostrich

This bag is pretty much the epitome of femininity. First of all, it’s a Birkin. What woman in her right mind doesn’t want to own a designer bag like this one? Second, it’s fuchsia. Not wanting to generalise and all, but hey. Pink is a pretty feminine colour – in all the right ways. And well, just to top it all off, this rare bag is made in ostrich leather, a staple in women’s high fashion.

Now for the best part: we all know ostrich is a bit of a temperamental skin and can fade significantly, depending on the extent of exposure to direct sunlight. BUT, if your fuscia bag does get lighter (because, we know you, you’re just out and about, strutting your stuff all the time…) well, it will actually tone down to a lovely pink. Almost better than the original colour. But don’t be scared: in fact, the greyer and cooler the colour the worst the fading. Which is not the case.

Hermès Birkin in Kiwi

If looking at this absolute gem isn’t enough for you to understand just how mind-blowingly great this piece is, we’ll break it down. We’ll explain to you why this bag is so awesome, it almost leaves us teary-eyed.

One. This Birkin bag is a super rare member of the Candy Series limited edition from the forward-thinking people at HermèsTwo. It has, therefore, been discontinued. Three. It’s crafted in Epsom leather, which is textured to be scratch resistant, plus keeps the shape of the bag beautifully and is known to enhance the Candy Series delicious colours. Four. THE COLOUR. Oh boy, how does one put it? It’s so fresh and so youthful. It’s futuristic and edgy, but still simple and eye-catching. You just want to eat the damn thing. (We don’t advise you to do it though, it would be a rather expensive meal for how indigestible it is….)

Hermès Amethyst Crocodile Kelly Pochette

We’re talking classic here. The Kelly Pochette is a style staple when it comes to evening wear, and the fact that this one comes in croc just adds fuel to the fire, as it makes this beautiful clutch a lot shinier and heaps more exclusive.

The amethyst colour is unique enough to make the piece stand out, but neutral enough to work with a vast chunk of the cocktail-party-dress colour palette. And oh, did we mention the design? The Kelly design is nothing short of timeless.

Hermès Birkin Shadow

The Birkin Shadow is truly an inventive piece, belonging to a limited edition from this respected fashion house. This rarity is a minimalistic revision of the brand’s traditional Birkin, which strips out the front flap, hides the fastening and accents the front panel with an embossed detailing that mimics the original Birkin design, lending it a splash of mystery.

Crafted in cream leather and toile and featuring absolutely no hardware, this bag will pop with really funky bright colours as more fun and relaxed bag, but can also be paired with a super elegant, super simple outfit for formal occasions. A hard-to-find collectible? For sure.

Hermès Birkin Ghillies

Here’s another one-of-a-kind piece. We’re on a roll here. This unique bag is inspired by the Scottish Ghillie Brogue shoes – hence the cut-out detailing and the lovely stitching, which add an intriguingly romantic edge to this handbag, making it super sweet and feminine.

They only come in 30 and 35cm, and in either Rubis, Vert Veronese or Fauve. Our one boasts the warm, fiery ruby colour in an elegant 30 cm size. It is crafted in a special Veau Tadelakt leather that feels super smooth and shiny. To-tal Head-turner.