We’re decoding the puzzle of Chanel Flap bag sizes so you don’t have to. Select the size that’s right for you so you can shop happy.

Deciding on a bag is tricky. From selecting the right brand and choosing between a top-handle, cross-body or shoulder style, to picking out the most perfectly pigmented shade. But even once you’ve settled on a bag there still comes the question of what size. Few designs have luxury shoppers puzzled over which size to choose quite like the iconic Chanel Flap bag. 

The style’s signature quilted design and interlocking CC turnlock are revered across fashion hotspots globally however the bag’s size options and the difference between each one are less well known. 

In this Chanel Flap size guide, we’re going to take you through the six classic sizes - the Mini Square, Mini Rectangle, Small, Medium, Jumbo and Maxi and leave out any limited-edition sizes and micro iterations. Shots of the bags online can be deceiving and give the illusion that each different size looks the same and can hold a similar amount. We’re going to break down the distinction between each of the six so you can make an informed decision when shopping for your Chanel Flap bag. 

Whether buying a new or pre-owned Chanel bag, purchasing a Chanel Flap is a big investment. So learning exactly what fits in each is essential to pick the size that best suits your lifestyle and needs. Are you looking for an everyday style perfect for carrying your iPad along with an assortment of knick-knacks? Or perhaps you’re in search of an evening bag that’s equal parts compact and sleek? This size guide goes beyond each bag’s dimensions to discover exactly what fits in each size and how each bag would work in your wardrobe. 

Read on as we break down the dimensions of each Chanel Flap bag size and detail which option is best suited for what so you can find the size that belongs in your collection. 

Mini Square

Perfect for just the essentials, the Mini Square Flap bag embodies what so many smaller bag lovers adore about compact accessories. Dainty, SOMETHING and easy to style, this size is the perfect mix between a pouch or wallet and a bag. It will fit your phone and other must-haves but not a great deal else. Thanks to the size’s cubic shape, it has a different overall look to Chanel’s other flap bags so is perfect if you’re looking for something a little different to the classic oblong silhouette and timeless Chanel vintage favourites you’re used to seeing. 

If, like many Chanel aficionados, the new micro iterations of the brand’s classic designs have caught your eye, then the Chanel Mini Square Flap could be the size for you. Offering the same petite style and charming look as itty-bitty micro variations but with enough room to be functional, the Mini Square is the perfect micro bag alternative that you can actually use to carry things.  

Big enough for your night-out non-negotiables but still ultra-compact, the Chanel Mini Square Flap was released in 2010 to widespread approval from the bag loving community. Ideal for wearing crossbody or quickly slinging over your shoulder, it works well as the ultimate go-to bag when you need room for your phone, keys and lipstick. 

On the luxury resale market, pre-loved Chanel styles are always popular but the Mini Square Flap stands out as one of the most in demand. Regularly retaining a large amount of its retail price or fetching more when sold second hand, this mini style remains one of the best handbag investments and is a great option for shoppers looking to buy vintage Chanel

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Mini Rectangle

If you want the classic look of a Chanel Flap bag but just in miniature form, then the Mini Rectangle size is your best bet. Offering a charming alternative to the larger options, this size champions the rise of mini bags, proving love for pint-sized designs is no mere passing fad. It affords a little more size than its square-shaped counterpart and will fit most full-size wallets but if you need space for more than your everyday basics then one of Chanel’s larger size options is the way to go. 

Dispelling the misconception that mini bags aren’t as functional and versatile as larger styles, the Mini Rectangle Chanel Flap can hold all of the essentials necessary to take you from night to day. But perhaps its main appeal is the ease with which you can transition from carrying the style over your shoulder to crossbody wear. The practical rectangular shape means it’s well-suited to both formal and casual affairs making it a wise investment whether buying brand new or a pre-owned Chanel option. 

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While the Small Chanel Flap is not technically a mini bag it’s still itty-bitty. The ultimate compact shoulder bag that will fit snug under your arm, it’s suited to party-goers and those who prefer scaled-down versions of classic bags alike. Perfect for those with a petite frame, it’s the preferred pre-owned Chanel Flap size of many thanks to its versatility. 

It fits just enough to qualify as a suitable day bag but it won’t fit much more than the essentials. So if you’re able to prioritise what’s worthy of having a place in your handbag then the Small Chanel Flap may just be the perfect size for you. The brand’s relentless price hikes have seen the cost of this size skyrocket on the first-hand market so shop pre-owned Chanel to find this popular style at a great price.



If, like Goldilocks, you’re looking for what’s just right, then turn to the Medium Chanel Flap. Not too small yet not too large, this in-between size is perfect for bag lovers in search of pre-owned luxury bags boasting the quintessential Chanel Flap design. It’s the most recognisable of all the Chanel Flap bag sizes and is likely what comes to mind when you visualise the iconic design. The Medium is most commonly worn over the shoulder but you can also don it crossbody for a more casual look. 

Displaying all of the classic Chanel features from the quilted diamond stitching to the CC turnlock, the Medium Chanel Flap is a great choice for both devout fans of the designer and those new to the label.  

Enjoy a generous interior with enough room for your essentials and then some and sport this size slung over your shoulder or sitting crossbody on your hip. It’s the most popular Chanel Flap bag size for a reason.

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The name Jumbo might sound enormous but the size is just a slightly scaled-up iteration of the fan-favourite Medium Chanel Flap. Pack it with gadgets and gizmos galore and have room left over for all of the necessities. 

The size is a foolproof choice if you want to make the most out of your Chanel Flap bag. It fits a full-size make-up bag in addition to a whole host of accessories and other items. Not as big as the Maxi size but more spacious than the design’s smaller options, the Chanel Jumbo Flap offers the functionality of the style’s compact sizes while being able to hold plenty more. This makes it the perfect size for a work bag as well as an accessory to tote on your arm all weekend long. 

The Chanel Jumbo comes in at a more affordable price point when buying pre-loved Chanel compared to the smaller sizes so it’s ideal if you’re eager to invest your money wisely.



As the largest of the bunch, the Maxi Chanel Flap leads the way in terms of space. Sporting the kind of roomy interior you would expect from a design of this size, it’s suitable for carrying plenty, from notebooks and an iPad, to your assortment of pre-owned Chanel small leather goods. While it may not offer the same space as the Grand Shopping Tote or the Chanel 22, new for Spring/Summer 2022, it fits enough to wear the title of carryall proudly. There’s been newfound interest in the Maxi size thanks to timeless Chanel vintage designs trending on social media and love for the scaled-up version of the iconic CC turnlock speaks for itself. 

Despite its large size, the Maxi Flap sports the same structured silhouette Chanel devotees have come to know and love. It’s able to stand upright when placed down and boasts the same classic charm of the smaller sizes only with space for much more. Why not invest in a pre-loved Chanel Maxi Flap today and see for yourself