With changing social climates and environmental landscapes, buying brand new is no longer worth the exclusivity.

Why Buying Used Matured from Trend to Practice

Vintage and second hand have had moments in the spotlight for the past two decades. With changing social climates and environmental landscapes, buying brand new is no longer worth the exclusivity. Growing 21 times faster than the retail apparel market over the past three years, recent reports show the resale market will reach 38.7 billion pounds by 2025.


When new seasons give birth to new trends it can be difficult to keep up with new fashion cycles. The fast pace of fashion industry production made it the second most polluting industry on the planet, however buying second hand balanced the negative impact of mass production.

In the thick of the ‘woke’ era, consumers are becoming more conscious as sustainability and ethics become primary factors in purchasing decisions. This is good news for the resale market for the simple fact that no new resources were spent on your vintage handbag. Instead, buying used reduces the amount of animal and material waste by decreasing the demand for fresh resources. In fact, buying one used item reduces its burden on the environment by 82%. So no need to feel guilty about that gorgeous newly gifted or purchased leather vintage handbag, you are doing your part for the planet! 

Fiscal Responsibility

Another major benefit of buying resale items is that it is easy on your wallet. Those who buy second hand can save about 75% per item making beautiful luxury pieces more affordable.


Designer clothing and leather goods hold so much value since they are extremely well made, often by hand with high-quality materials. While buying such treasure straight off the runway is not an option for everyone, buying resale goods not only reduces the price tag but also reduces purchase risks. Hermès Birkin handbag, for example, is said to be a better investment than gold because buying high end or vintage designer handbags second hand at reduced prices still means you are able to resale the bag for up to 80% of what you initially paid for it as long as it is in good condition.


Using the Hermès Birkin as an example, vintage and high-end goods have the opportunity to increase or at least retain their value over time. Additionally, since the resale market is driven by style rather than trends, your purchase impulses can be geared toward buying items that celebrate your identity rather than are concerned with keeping up with trend cycles.  

Hidden Gems

There is a reason why songs you fell in love with as a child still send warm fuzzies through your body or why you’ve been wearing the same sweater for over a decade and would run into a burning building to save it. The reason being is that what feels true to you always will. So if you missed out on that hot limited edition Louis Vuitton sequin embellished savage cub clutch bag or fell in love with something like the vintage Chanel black globe minaudière clutch from Karl Lagerfeld’s 2013 autumn/winter collection, then have a look at what we have in stock these and many more beautiful treasures await you. Our inventory is always changing as we tirelessly search for rare luxury items, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love!