Similar to the Kelly bag but smaller, this piece is so rare some people doubt its existence. It has become a sought-after style staple, boasting the label’s power-tradition, the classic hardware pad-lock

Care to Danse?

Yep. And it’s beautiful in a simple way, which is the best of ways, really. It’s an elegant piece, featuring the classic Hermès appeal with an extra splash of freshness as it’s smaller than the Kelly. That difference in size makes it blend in perfectly with any outfit without overpowering it. Moreover, the design and the materials are the ultimate in luxury and make this piece something to behold (and feel. and wear.). Check it out in more detail here.

2. It’s uber-rare

 “I want the same bag as everyone else”, said no one in their right mind. Ever. Let’s get that out of the way – the Danse model has been discontinued and is extremely hard to get hold of. Just so you have an idea of how scarce it is, it’s a lot harder to find than the Birkin, and that’s saying a lot. Its exclusivity makes it all the more coveted, making it a total head-turner with the handbag aficionados crowd.

3. It’s super versatile

Meaning you can go from urban-cool to laid-back to super-chic with ease. It includes a 170cm-long detachable strap that can be used as a belt for a waist-bag; double looped to use as a shoulder strap or a backpack strap; it can be worn cross-body as a messenger bag or simply strapless as a lavish clutch. You can even use the strap as a belt alone when you carry it as a clutch. It just doesn’t get more flexible than this out there.

Photo Credit: Sandras Closet

4. It’s comfortable

Not only due to the fact that it’s highly adaptable to your look of choice as elaborated above but because it’s a light, small little number at just 22 x 17 x 8 cm which is crafted in a supple leather – therefore, it feels natural and generally easy to carry around, unlike its bigger, more structured (and just as beautiful) sisters Kelly and Birkin. Mind you that regardless of being quite petite, it can still fit your essentials easily. Worry not, your things shall be safe.

5. Errr… It’s Hermès

Which means it’s got that unique, instantly recognizable luxe quality about it that this brand can pull off so impeccably. The Kelly Danse model features metal hardware, the label’s signature padlock closure, the top-notch leather - it’s all there. And hey… “It’s Hermès” doesn’t mean we like it because it has a brand on it. There’s a reason why Hermès has managed to establish itself as one of the premiere leather goods purveyors on the planet: their classic designs, crafted in the best of materials, are the epitome of luxury while still maintaining practicality. And that’s something hard to attain.

6. Renée Zellweger seems to like it

And we like to think that we have things in common with her, as we love this Oscar-winning beauty. She’s pulled off some pretty powerful roles which reflect how plural 21st century women are, and that’s inspiring. Have a peek at how she wears it:

She fell for the “they’re behind you” gag

7. It will make you look effortlessly chic

Like this girl: Yeah, she fell for that gag too.

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