If there’s one bag that can be considered a modern classic, it’s undoubtedly the Chanel Gabrielle Bag. Named after no less than Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel herself, the Gabrielle bag was launched in 2017 and was among the last few collections designed by Karl Lagerfeld. The Gabrielle bag undoubtedly possesses both an effortlessly cool and contemporary vibe that’s said to have been inspired by virtual reality sunglasses. More than that, the Chanel Gabrielle bears the design genius of Kaiser Karl while embodying the spirit of the legendary Mademoiselle Chanel.

Whether it’s the Gabrielle Hobo Bag or the Gabrielle Backpack, with its structured yet soft design, the Chanel Gabrielle bag in all its incarnations not only represents the French luxury house as it is today but also the multi-faceted, modern Chanel women. It’s both tough yet soft, edgy yet elegant. It’s no wonder that Chanel Gabrielle bags have now become among the most sought after It bags by fashion lovers, bag aficionados, and Chanel collectors everywhere. But fret not, here at Rewind Vintage, we’ll help you find the perfect Gabrielle Hobo Bag and Gabrielle Backpack for you, whatever size, colour or material it may be.

Photo credit: Jeff Thibodeau

The Chanel Gabrielle comes in two versions – the Gabrielle Hobo and the Gabrielle Backpack, which are available in standard sizes, as well as small and large styles. Both versions feature a hard, stable base that’s juxtaposed with a light and soft body.