When Carrie Bradshaw mentioned to her then-boyfriend Jack Berger that "she likes her money where she can see it, hanging in her closet" we didn't take it as literal financial advice. However, Carrie's thought process turned out to be a bit more accurate than we originally expected. That is if you have your eye on a Birkin bag.

Rumours have been circulating that owning a Hermes Birkin might be a better investment than the S&P 500 or gold. Although this is just speculation, one thing is certain: The price of Birkin bags has skyrocketed over 500% since 1980. However, investing in a Vintage Hermes bag takes a bit more research on the topic of authentication.

Let's just say that here, at Rewind Vintage, we are experts at distinguishing the wannabes from the real deal. That's why we rounded up some much-needed tips to help you buy authentic Birkin bags ahead.

Authentic vs fake Birkin

Let’s start with the first glance. Hermes blind stamps can be found behind the strap on the front of the bag. As soon as you open it, you should be able to locate them right at the back of the closing strap.


The authentic Hermes logo is carefully heat pressed and while many counterfeits might also feature a heat-pressed logo, it's often too deep, resulting in the leather having a messy indent look. Take a closer look at the distance of the logo.


Hermes bags are known for their incredible craftsmanship and that includes stitching as well. Staying true to their heritage, Hermes leather products feature a special type of stitching called saddle stitching. Through the use of two separate needles, two rows of stitches in a single row of holes are created, giving the authentic Hermes Birkin an ultra-durable, elegant look. While examining a used Hermes bag, make sure that the stitching isn't out of line.


Whether it's a Hermes Birkin Kelly or any other iconic style, top handles are arguably one of the biggest selling points of Hermes because no matter the level of use, they should never slouch. Top handles should have no problem staying upright. Also, another key point you need to consider while authenticating your vintage Hermes bag is the distance between the top of the bag, and the top of the handles. The correct measurements should be 5 inches or 12.7 centimeters.

Hermes Leather 

Hermes Birkin bags carry the most exquisite leather in the world, therefore each one of their artisans spends more than 2 years learning everything there is two know about Hermes-specific leather works before they actually start crafting a handbag themselves. Hermes leather is always neat and pronounced, without any signs of slouching or bulging in places.

Hermes Birkin 35cm Rose Lipstick P Stamp


Hermes zippers should not hang down at a 90-degree angle from the zip line. All zippers should have a metal “H” inlined with the metal slider. However, vintage Hermes bags might have a standard, square block. Hardware Another great way to determine an authentic vs fake Birkin is the hardware. The hardware features small markings to indicate it's a precious metal, thus, it feels heavy and high quality.

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