Send in your own accessory by mail or courier. Our artists will then skilfully personalise it according to your brief and return the (amazing) finished product via FedEx or DHL.

Outside of the EU clients can send their own accessory by mail or courier. The client is liable for the cost of shipping (to the UK) and insuring the item up to its desired value. There is no import or export tax as long as the client uses REWIND's unique IPR code (Inward Processing Code). REWIND will then return the finished item via FedEx or DHL with the same IPR code. Please note REWIND is not responsible for any loss of goods in transit. The item is only insured on its return up to the value provided by courier used. The client is liable for the cost of additional insurance to be agreed in advance.


Pricing will vary depending on the size of the accessory and complexity of the design. Upon agreement of the design and receiving 100% deposit, we will send a PDF rendering of the customised handbag. Once the artwork is approved, the client will send the item and the customisation work can begin. PayPal, Credit Card or International Bank Transfer are all acceptable forms of payment. Once payment is received, it is non–refundable.


The client is free to choose an existing REWIND design, with the option to have it personalised further to the client's own wishes. Alternatively, elements of existing designs can be put together for a "pic n mix" style. New designs can be created from scratch or with input from the client, inspired by familiar and iconic imagery or completely personalised.

Monogramming: This permits the client to have their initials or name personalised through imagery painted by REWIND. Rights to all designs upon completion remain the intellectual property of REWIND.

REWIND's appreciation of familiar images from popular culture is not to be mistaken for copying. We believe in taking an icon and twisting it to fit your character, therefore making it yours. You can approach your one–of–a–kind piece in a variety of ways: either choose an existing REWIND design and further personalise it as you wish; or just simply give us an image of your choice which we will reinterpret. Or, even better – we can create a bespoke design with your input, either inspired by iconic imagery, something close to your heart or created entirely from scratch. This works for name painting, too. We will create a visual mock up of your new bag and, subject to your approval, we will proceed with painting. Please note we are unable to paint any designer logos and are not affiliated with any brands we sell or personalise.


The standards of REWIND's painting and quality of materials used mean the art will last, but the owner should treat the bag with utmost care as it now incorporates a valuable and unique custom artwork. We use specially tested leather colours from the leading world manufacturers. While all bags are subject to wear and tear, the artist is not responsible for the art once it is returned to the client.


Due to the high demand for custom fashion art accessories, we will aim to have your item returned within 7 weeks.


35 Hermès Birkin for standard detail design

1 side: £1,300

2 sides: £1,900

Goyard St. Louis Tote or Louis Vuitton

Never Full with standard detail design

1 side: from £750

2 sides: from £1,200

LV Speedy 30 for standard detail design

1 side: from £750

2 sides: from £1,200

Wallets, Trainers and Small Accessories

From £170

Please note – price varies with size of bag and level of detail in the design.
Prices for the second side are based on the work being less than main design.

Customised Goyard Monogram

St Louis Butterfly Shopper Tote

Customised Goyard Monogram

St Louis Love Shopper Tote

Customised Goyard Monogram

Vintage Dripping Hearts Shopper Tote

Customised Hermes Vintage Kelly

Graffiti Kiss Bag


Brend Image