1. Kate Moss - Coco Chanel Suite photoshoot

    Kate Moss - Coco Chanel Suite photoshoot

    Just before the Ritz Hotel in Paris underwent a two-year renovation (and before a major fire broke out in the underground car park almost destroying the entire building), there was just time for supermodel (and newest member of hit UK comedy series, Ab Fab!), Kate Moss, to pose for an American Vogue tribute to the legendary hotel. Dress head to...
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  2. Cross over to the dark side with this enchanting Anne Hathaway Interview Magazine editorial, defying the star's famous heart-on-her-sleeve personality and showcasing her classical beauty. [caption id="attachment_1413" align="aligncenter" width="224" caption="Anne Hathaway re-born Gothic Princess"][/caption] For anyone who has seen Anne Hathaway act...
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