1. Buying Resale - Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

    Buying Resale - Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

      Why Buying Used Matured from Trend to PracticeVintage and second hand have had moments in the spotlight for the past two decades. With changing social climates and environmental landscapes, buying brand new is no longer worth the exclusivity. Growing 21 times faster than the retail apparel market over that past three years, recent reports...
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  2. Hermès colours and materials: a closer look

    Hermès colours and materials: a closer look

    It may feel like a bit of a puzzle, but with some research you can - somewhat - grasp what's the deal with all these colours and materials that Hermès puts out every year. It is so for a reason: this French fashion house takes pride in offering the best combination of hues and textures, which actually make the bags as beautiful and valuable...
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  3. 7 reasons we love the Hermès Kelly Danse

    7 reasons we love the Hermès Kelly Danse

    Similar to the Kelly bag but smaller, this piece is so rare some people doubt its existence. It has become a sought-after style staple, boasting the label’s power-tradition, the classic hardware pad-lock. 1. Let’s face it: it’s beautiful Care to Danse? Yep. And it’s beautiful in a simple way, which is the best of ways,...
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  4. Hermes Exhibition

    Hermes Exhibition

    This year, if you make it to any exhibition in London, make it a good one! Hermès will be celebrating their 175 years with a 20-day gallery show in Burlington Gardens this May, entitled 'Leather Forever'. On display will be examples of the brand's infamous Kelly and Birkin bags, and, according to Vogue, ' The crucially-important...
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  5. The Olsen twins are both huge fanatics of Hermes bags: Constances, Kellys, Birkins...they have a vast collection of them all that would make any Hermes enthusiast jealous! But, despite having a huge reservoir, sometimes, when you really love a bag, it's hard to say goodbye. [caption id="attachment_2118" align="aligncenter" width="270"...
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  6. This blog has been entirely dedicated to one of the most breathtakingly elegant and chic pieces of the season that we have just got in and thought we would share with you.   This burgundy Constance bag by French fashion house Hermes is an incredibly rare find. The vintage crocodile skin combined with gold hardware guarantees you being...
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  7. You can't say we did warn you that it was going to be an Hermes Christmas! It seems we have got a Skittles themed assortment of Hermes bags. We don't know about you, but we can definitely taste the rainbow! Blue, Pink, White, Turquoise, Red, Brown, Beige and of course Black - we have had it all. From Crocodile to Calf, Kelly to Constance, Big to...
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