1. A Chanel It-Bag Index

    A Chanel It-Bag Index

      One thing’s for sure, no one does fantasy like Chanel. From the decadent costume jewellery worn by Coco herself, to the theatrical runways of Karl Lagerfeld’s vision, the brand has always been interwoven with magic. Karl Lagerfeld is infamous for translating the elaborate fairytales of each of his Chanel collections into...
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  2. Final Day! Harvey Nichols x Emotional Baggage Pop-Up

    Final Day! Harvey Nichols x Emotional Baggage Pop-Up

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  3. Black + White = Love

    Black + White = Love

    What is so appealing about combining black and white? Like most fundamental truths, there is no rational answer to that. It just works. Pretty much all of the most iconic fashion designers in history have explored the utter magic that happens when you mix these two colours. Chanel, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent are just some examples. And given...
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  4. Hermès colours and materials: a closer look

    Hermès colours and materials: a closer look

    It may feel like a bit of a puzzle, but with some research you can - somewhat - grasp what's the deal with all these colours and materials that Hermès puts out every year. It is so for a reason: this French fashion house takes pride in offering the best combination of hues and textures, which actually make the bags as beautiful and valuable...
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  5. History of the Chanel 2.55

    History of the Chanel 2.55

    The iconic Chanel 2.55 was the start of a new era for handbags. It was the first bag to have a strap, transforming the standard purse into the handbags that we see today. This was pivotal for women's fashion and was born out of a need for practicality. Women at this time were working their way into positions of influence in the workplace and needed...
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  6. #Logomania - the monogram fever

    #Logomania - the monogram fever

    Logos are back in a biiig way for Summer 2014: they are pretty much everywhere this season, and we have to confess that we absolutely love this trend. Logo prints are a fashion statement in their own right, and they add fuel to the 90s fire that has been going on in fashioin world. We're really into the logomania because incorporating it will lend...
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  7. A Fashion Favourite

    A Fashion Favourite

    You may have seen them perform for the Mulberry pool party at Coachella or for French label 'Maje'. Either way it's clear that Wild Belle are a firm favourite amongst the fashion crowd. In addition to our love for the song 'Its too late' we cant help but obsess over Natalie Bergman's (one half of Wild Belle) distinct voice and sense of...
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  8. NEW IN: Gucci Crocodile Louisiana Bag

    NEW IN: Gucci Crocodile Louisiana Bag

    We have just got this brand new Gucci Louisiana Crocodile bag in stock. In black crocodile leather, this Gucci bag is ultra elegant and chic. The interior is spacious, featuring one zipped pocket and two open pouch pockets. The double black pearl and gold clasp add a special unique touch, making this bag a must-have for any Gucci fan with an...
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  9. NEW IN - Gucci goods!

    NEW IN - Gucci goods!

    The Italian fashion label, Gucci turned 90 last year and celebrated with the release of the book documenting the brand's history, and even opened an entire museum dedicated to 10 years off a century of careful craftsmanship and sublime style. And, fortunately for you, we have a few samples of these dazzling designs in our store.  Click on the...
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  10. HAPPY HALLOWEEN We have arrived, once again, at the spookiest, scariest, most eerie and hauntingly fashionable day of the year! And of course, All-Hallows-Eve comes with a vintage-inspired All-Hallows-Blog, dedicated to what else but the wonderful Chanel bag! The Parisian fashion house of Chanel was founded by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel...
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  11. Last week, Italian Fashion label, Gucci, opened a museum in Florence, located in the Palazzo della Mercanzia, just steps away from 13th century Palazzo Vecchio and Michelangelo’s (pretend) David. Luggage and high-end clothing are displayed inside the museum, showing the items that have fuelled the huge success of the company –...
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  12. This new craze of "vegan" fashion has completely boomed recently, with more and more designers forming eco-friendships with their planet. Handbags and accessories made of faux fur and faux leather have spilt onto the scene thanks to Stella McCartney, Nathalie Portman and Levi's Organic jeans, to name a fair few of the huge new group of...
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