1. Oh…. So BLACK …

    Oh…. So BLACK …

    Black can be basic but also not so basic. We are pleased to present the queen of all Kelly bags, reserved for the chosen ones. Created in 2010, under the tight reign of Jean Paul Gaultier, the bag was shortly after discontinued only to become a staple on every collector’s list. The SO Black Kelly is exponentially more rare than...
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  2. Product Spotlight: Hermès Bleu Atoll Kelly 25

    Product Spotlight: Hermès Bleu Atoll Kelly 25

    This Hermès Kelly bag goes to show that blue is the coolest colour. Refresh your summer wardrobe with this flawless It-bag, just arrived at Rewind. Crafted from Hermès’ sky-toned shade of Bleu Atoll in Epsom leather that irresistibly calls to mind vacation fantasies. It arrives in the hard-to-find petite size of 25cm,...
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  3. Hermès Birkin: A Journey Through the Himalaya

    Hermès Birkin: A Journey Through the Himalaya

    How does a bag earn the title of "most expensive handbag in the world"? The answer can be found in the current reigning champion, the diamond-encrusted Hermès Himalaya Birkin bag with white gold detailing and 245 inlaid diamonds, purchased at Christie’s just this summer for over £200,000. But aside from the luxurious...
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  4. Metallic Leather Rocks!

    Metallic Leather Rocks!

    Why is metallic leather so alluring? Because it shimmers and bedazzles, yes but also because it's, well, leather. Metallic leather is, thus, a material that encapsulates not one but two luxurious features: shine and quality. Throw in durability and timelessness and you're in for a truly top-notch affair. At Rewind, we...
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  5. Rewind @ Coachella

    Rewind @ Coachella

    Yep, we went to Coachella and here's how it went down, in 10 spur-of-the-moment, lo-res but hi-emotion phone pictures and one video. Highlights: amazing breakfast at Cheeky's (direct entry to our top 3 EVER - you have to try this incomparable hostel-cafe and their out-of-this world pancakes); Drake, Caribou and Jungle spreading...
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  6. Special Editions Luv

    Special Editions Luv

    If a designer bag is a sought-after piece for fashion aficionados, a special edition is a bit like a  holy grail. After all, these very rare beauties scream originality and uniqueness. They're rare, they're fabulous they normally boast hard-to-find materials or colours. And if you carry a limited edition chances are you'll...
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  7. Hermes Accessories 4 Life

    Hermes Accessories 4 Life

    No doubt about it: Hermès is the world's best-regarded luxury brand. Its exquisitely patterned silk scarves and its classic yet futuristic jewellery are lusted after, but the cult of Hermès lies heavily on its handbags. At Rewind, though, we're obsessing over Hermès accessories: decadently...
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  8. Emotional Baggage Pop-up Art Lab at Harvey Nichols

    Emotional Baggage Pop-up Art Lab at Harvey Nichols

    As you may already know, we've recently introduced a new brand called Emotional Baggage. It's all about customisation and name painting onto fashion accessories, and the goal is for you to to show off your emotions and personality in utter style. From pop-art to brand puns, there really is no limit to our re-inventions. Emotional...
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  9. Emotional Baggage: The Story

    Emotional Baggage: The Story

    Emotional baggage is the brainchild of REWIND, UK’s premier online destination for unique luxury vintage fashion. It’s more than a side project, it’s a labour of love born out of an urge to create raw, edgy images that describe the 21st century woman in a refreshing light. The idea was brought to life by a creative team...
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  10. Black + White = Love

    Black + White = Love

    What is so appealing about combining black and white? Like most fundamental truths, there is no rational answer to that. It just works. Pretty much all of the most iconic fashion designers in history have explored the utter magic that happens when you mix these two colours. Chanel, Celine and Yves Saint Laurent are just some...
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  11. Summer is  almost over..

    Summer is almost over..

    Summer. We've all been waiting for it for what seems like too long now, but that's OK: it means we had our fair share of time to daydream about our favourite trends, too. We're ready to embrace summer style with no fear, and as much as we love a pop of colour, we can't really resist the minimalistic monochrome looks we've been spotting...
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  12. Hermès colours and materials: a closer look

    Hermès colours and materials: a closer look

    It may feel like a bit of a puzzle, but with some research you can - somewhat - grasp what's the deal with all these colours and materials that Hermès puts out every year. It is so for a reason: this French fashion house takes pride in offering the best combination of hues and textures, which actually make the bags as beautiful and valuable as...
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