Brand new isn’t always the best buy. The luxury resale market has grown exponentially in recent years with more and more shoppers keen on vintage designs. These days, it’s not surprising for a second-hand designer bag to actually be more covetable than the latest designer It bag of the season. Why is this so?

There are a number of key factors that could be attributed to the rise in popularity of vintage designer bags and the continued growth of luxury resale. Among these is the change in perception of vintage items. Gone are the days when shopping vintage was associated with old, dusty clothes and accessories that belonged in a thrift shop. Today, vintage shopping is rightfully associated with rare pieces, one of a kind designer pieces, hard to find luxury accessories, and collectible designer handbags, among others. These items come with a corresponding price tag and makes shopping vintage a true luxury experience – far from the charity bin perception that many used to have.

Vintage pieces, particularly luxury designer bags, are worthwhile investments for many different reasons. One of which is because of its limited supply. In such a connected world with an abundance of options, an oversupply of countless products and global access to these, vintage pieces are a unique commodity. A vintage handbag presents the rare opportunity for its buyer to walk around with a handbag on her arm that no one else has or would be extremely hard pressed to find. A Birkin Bag, Chanel Flap Bag, Louis Vuitton Speedy, Prada handbag, or a Dior Saddle Bag are just some of the luxury accessories that are favored and collected by many. Step out with one of these and it would be entirely unsurprising to see someone else carrying the exact same must have It bag of the season. However, purchase a vintage Hermes Kelly, Birkin or Constance, or a vintage Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag and no one else will have the exact same designer piece as you.

Vintage pre-owned designer handbags don’t only have the intrinsic value that comes from its distinct design, from the craftsmanship involved in making it, and from the very luxury house that created it. They also have unique and prized characteristics that make them worth investing in. Imagine a vintage Chanel Double Flap Bag designed by Mademoiselle Coco Chanel herself, or a limited edition Prada handbag that hasn’t been produced again, or a Gucci Jackie bag that was from the same season as the very bag worn by Jackie O., or even a Lady Dior handbag that was from the same collection as those made famous by Princess Diana herself. These are exceptional and precious qualities that add exponential value to a piece and that you’ll never find fresh from the fashion house’s store floor.

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While it may be surprising, the fact is, vintage editions of designer handbags that are still currently in production are out performing their modern-day counterparts. Discerning shoppers don’t only want vintage-looking designs, they want actual vintage pieces. This another reason why one should seriously consider investing in vintage designer items.

There’s also no denying the remarkable quality of vintage handbags. They have quite literally stood the test of time. While designer handbags today are still made with quality craftsmanship, there’s no denying that vintage pieces were handcrafted to a unique standard that is hard to find in this day and age with increased production. 

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Many individuals today, especially those from younger generations with high disposable income, are considering secondhand designer bags together with some alternative investments. NFTs, crypto currencies, and luxury goods are just some of the investments that can provide significant future returns. When it comes to vintage pre-loved designer handbags, the fact that you can use it daily while reaching your ROI makes it an even more lucrative investment.