Torn between:
a) A new Burberry coat and a pair of Zanotti's
b) A night of  shopping at Vogue’s fashion night out
c) Bracing myself for episode 5, series 4 of Mad Men.

I have a feeling the latter will win, as it involves keeping me in the warm for this rainy evening. (Any excuse for a bit of Mad Men!) One of the reasons I’m hooked is of course for the styling. It’s about prim and proper and some good old fashioned make-up. Foundation, powder, lipstick, eye liner.  The time is the early 60s, so there’s still a hefty feel of  late ’50s (coral lipstick and nail polish, oh ,so Betty Draper). A shine-free nose makes quite a good metaphor for those times, pre-sexual revolution, pre-Rolling Stones, pre-public letting go. The public and the private were at par. My late grandmother (who always had a perfect manicure and red lipstick to hand) had, most definitely, a public, shine-free face.

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