At Rewind Vintage we sell a range of vintage Hermès products. When you think of Hermès you think of luxury, attention to detail, elegance and high end fashion.  We have written a brief history about Hermès to give you knowledge about the luxurious brand.

The French high-end fashion house Hermès, was founded by Thierry Hermès and was established in 1837. It was only until 1920 the first Hermès leather bag was constructed. The leather luxury products have since been one of the most sought after fashion brands in the fashion industry. ~

One bag is said to take up to 20 hours to make. This is because Hermès do not use assembly lines, they have special skilled craftsman who construct each bag and sew individual pieces together. The final result is a stunning product, made only from the most exotic and luxurious materials available. Each bag is delicately created, with attention to detail and this is why Hermès exudes luxury.

Handbags are sent to the Paris store to get reconditioned and repaired, this is to ensure the luxury items keep their pristine condition. Celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, Queen Elizabeth II, are only some of the few well known people who have worn the luxury brand.

The reputation of Hermès as being as the most luxurious brands has stayed intact for centuries and that is why, when purchasing a Hermès product, you can see it as an investment.

The Hermès collection we offer includes the renowned Hermès scarves, the Hermès Birkin bag, the Constantine bag and the Hermès Kelly bag all available in a variety of colours and sizes.

At Rewind Vintage all the products we sell are authentic and in pristine condition.