This year has been so eventful: we have seen deaths, we have seen weddings and, amongst all the serious news, we have seen some truly inspirational fashion emerge from the cracks.

The Royal Wedding has to be top on the list of the 2011 fashion highlights. The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton brought over one million people to descend on the street of London, to join in the celebration of the fairy-tale wedding. They sure didn't waste a penny because, not only did they get to see two kisses on the balcony, they also got to witness first-hand the Royal Wedding Dress. After Alexander McQueen's passing, we wern't incredibly certain anyone would be able to fill his shoes. Sarah Burton managed, and her design for Kate Middleton's dress was the icing on top of a magical day for the Duchess of Cambridge, as it would for any lucky bride. (Although she didn't choose the good-looking brother!)

Summer brought us the unexpected passing of a truly talented and gifted singer, Miss Amy Winehouse. But the Back to Black singer's stardom lives on in a song recently released with Tony Bennett, as well as her fashion lines with Fred Perry and the autioning off of the famous red and white chiffon dress she is seen wearing on the cover of her Back to Black album, one of our favourites at Rewind. She was so genuinely gifted and she will go down in history as a star.

H&M teamed up with Versace to create one of the most lusted-after collections the Swedish retail-clothing company has ever experienced. Bold prints and vibrant coloured clothes flew off the rails, and a queue had to be formed at the entrance so there wern't too many people in one store at once. Even Harrods don't have a policy anything like that, so you can imagine the huge impact the collection had on customers. In fact, the collaboration was so successful they decided to do it twice with the next line coming out at the beginning of next year - not long to wait now. Think summertime, fresh, fruity prints. Absolutely delicious!

We are very intrigued as to what 2012 is going to bring us. But what we are sure of, is that we will be providing you with many, many, many more pre-loved vintage pieces as we slide into our second year. Keep checking out our Facebook fan page to get regular updates and sneak peaks on what we have in stall for you!

Have a lovely new year Rewind fans! xxx