We love a bit of street style peeking and gif digging. With the amount of websites strictly dedicated to taking snapshots of everyday people wearing fabulous ensembles, be it designer clothes or simply wild and quirky combinations, it's become so much easier to spot fashion trends just by surfing the web.

One thing we always love to stumble upon is vintage jewellery. Sometimes we can tell it's luxury brand material and some other times it's just an amazing find from some flea market or a travel.... Who knows? We love letting our imagination run wild and think up what are the stories behind these magical pieces. Most of them come with no info at all, so we're left with visual inspiration. Which might be the best really, as it makes us we can do our own research and find our own unique bling. Have a look at some of our fave ways to rock vintage jewellery from around the web as well as a small selection of rare, funky pieces that will accent any outfit and elevate it to street-fashionista level! From Celine to Chanel not forgetting YSL, today we're all about vintage bling galore...


vintage-bracelets Celine Bracelet / Vintage 1950s Gemstone Bracelet 

Pretty cool stuff huh? We bet you could pull it off in style, too. Shine on!