When we think of wintertime, it feels like it really calls for those neutral, no-brainer tones. But with spring time, the inspiration we all get from seeing all these flowers blooming really translates into a need to express oneself with colour. Are you with us?

We think a great way to work that colour-craving is through jewellery. By adding a pop of colour using details rather than whole pieces of clothes, you get your fun-loving vibe across in a more elegant way.

We have just the thing to let out all that spring-induced rainbow that's going on inside of you. Moreover, they are inimitable vintage pieces that exude timeless appeal and don't feel too trendy - but they do feel very stylish. From bracelets to pendants, from Chanel chic and Moschino cool to Hermes luxury, here are our favourite designer bling options to really lighten up your warm season look.