Korean table tennis champion, actress and former model Sooyeon Lee challenges herself to a high-fashion endurance match in a film by  Matthew Donaldson .The brilliant Nowness contributor delivers a stunning table tennis video brought down to speed for the normal human eye to observe the curves and waves of every form being shown.

The latest film by Nowness pays homage to table tennis, featuring the Korean champion in crazy-fringed outfits by Christopher Kane, Mark Fast, Jil Sander and Versace . To see the whole video click here http://www.nowness.com/day/2011/5/5/1435/sooyeon-lee-grand-slam

It’s more than an interesting spin on fashion-meets-sport and makes a quite a nice watch. We wish we could add one of our gorgeous bags to this beautiful ballet of fringes: a Miu Miu leather tote...Enjoy!