As I walk into Kokon To Zai I feel like I’ve been propelled to another universe; a place where life is full of excessive show stopping clothing .The store’s décor is that of a Victorian butcher shop; I never thought I’d see anything like it in a retail environment, with tiles and skulls and butterflies all under one roof . Not to mention, upon entrance, I am transfixed by a stuffed peacock who keeps watch over the shop floor under the shade of a bright green parasol...The name Kokon To Zai, which means “east meets west” in Japanese, was chosen by the store founders,  Marjan and Sasko.

The duo kindly opened the doors of their store on a Sunday afternoon to welcome the Rewind Vintage Affairs crew during our web page editorial photo shoot which we did with the photographer Marta Lamovsek right in front of their shop.

If you’re ever wondering who made the infamous Bjork swan dress it was Marjan Pejoski. Marjan Pejoski graduated from St Martins and has had his own label . In 2008 Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Besovski aka Sasha B opened Kokon To Zai. Sasha B, who is a DJ and fashion designer, is the designer behind the house label KTZ.

The shop on Golborne Road is filled with all sorts of of wonderful details inside. There’s a lot to look at and it’s beautifully merchandised. So many of the pieces are bold and strong but that doesn’t mean they aren’t wearable and easy to mix with your wardrobe. We even spotted two beautiful vintage Louis Vuitton trunks!