The shimmer and glitz doesn't need to stop once it hits Boxing Day! All the way through January sequins should be a main part of your wardrobe!

"This trend is chic not showy, so opt for a matte sequin in antique gold, rather than shiny, yellow gold."

- The Telegraph

It's best, when forming an outfit around sequins, to stick to neutral colours such as black, beige or white, so that it becomes the central focus of the whole ensemble. You wouldn't want to over do it and end up being mistaken for a lost Christmas-tree decoration!

The online fashion section of the Telegraph, this week, decided our 1920's sequin flapper dress was one of their favourite Nineteen Twenties dresses, and added us to their I Spied section, which put a great big smile on our face. And 11 of you have already 'loved' it - the Telegraph's more affectionate version of a Facebook 'like'.

Team with ankle boots, a blazer and a chunky cuff (like our black and gold Claude Montana vintage cuff) for a modern take on the look, and shimmer your way through to Spring.

Click on the image to be directed to the dress on our website.