Yesterday we took a trip to the Saatchi gallery to visit Festival de Metiers, a free exhibition where Hermes have given the public an opportunity to marvel at their incredible craftsmanship.

While wandering around the exhibition we were able to observe the process of each craft first hand. The exhibition encourages you to interact and engage with the artisans, who are more than willing to reveal their expertise in crafting the world’s finest luxury goods.

We highly recommend a visit to this exhibition.It is truly a rare opportunity to witness close up the craftsmanship of the world’s most luxurious label.

Festival de Metiers, Hermes

Hermes Birkin Bag, Hermes

Fact: The average production time for a Hermes Birkin bag ranges from 18 hours for a 25 cm to up 30 hours for a 40 cm.

Hermes, Hermes Birkin Bag,



Hermes Birkin Bag

Hermes Travel Bag, Togo Leather, Birkin

Hermes Kelly Bag

Fact: Taking 18 hours to create, the Kelly bag is the most complex bag Hermes makes.

Kelly bag

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Hermes 35 cm Birkin Bag