I know it's hard to believe Spring is on it's way given the snowy forecasts expected this week, but hopefully this post will cheer you up a bit, and get you energized and enthusiastic for when the sun does finally decide to show it's handsome face.

It seems that Prada Spring/Summer 2012 was the centre of everyone's attention during fashion week - and it's no surprise, given the bold and bright vintage style clothes and accessories being modeled. The entire room had vintage written all over it: guests were seated in classic american 1950's model vintage cars, admiring the swarm of pastels, dainty jewelry, flower patterns and classic 'grandma' style cuts. An entire experience was created, to bring the audience back to the good old days of daringly loud and sexy, yet elegant and feminine styles, cuts and colours.

As Spring is soon upon us - honestly! give it a few more weeks - Prada have decided to give us  nice little taster of what the sun looks like, in case we had forgotten, as well as some of the fantastic pieces in their collection in this brilliant video which, as the Telegraph so superbly put it, "reeks of leather, lipstick, powder and paint," in true 1950's drive-in spirit. Brilliant!

[youtube clip_id="JgaGXv1XnrA"]