Just over Battersea Bridge, London, there is a wonderful little bar, full of Italian bits and pieces: hanging from the ceiling, plastering the walls, filling the tables and draped from the furniture; this bar is the personification of quirky.

Named after Silvio Berlusconi's 'bunga bunga' girls, the ex-italian prime minister's face appears everywhere! On newspaper front covers within gold frames or on paintings of sharks with his face, you name it, Bunga Bunga have it!

The waiters' aprons were amazing. If you have ever been to a market in Rome, Florence or any major Italian city you will have noticed pictures of Michelangelo's nude David, or Boticelli's Venus on novelty boxer shorts and kitchen aprons. These were the aprons the waiters (and waitresses) were wearing. We just had to get a picture of one of us with them, so Alex offered to do it. (By the way, she is not that tall...he is just that short!)

They have 2 private rooms upstairs (one of which is called the Eurovision room!) which can be rented out for parties. But what we loved most about the bar was the cocktail that came in a mug with Donatella Versace’s face on it as well as the cocktails for sharing which come in the form of some famous Italian landmarks. Leaning Tower of Pisa anyone?

On the menu there’s a ‘Fun Phrases!’ section to help you with some handy Italian, like “You are beautiful – Sei bellissima/o (f/m)”, “Fancy a duet? – Cantiamo insieme?” and even “Can I show you the private room upstairs? – …Bunga Bunga?” We loved this place, and couldn’t help but stop off for a drink…or two. Our favourite was a cocktail, the name of which we can’t remember, but which had a Limoncello base, and a little bit of basil in it! Delizioso!

The self confesssed 'Englishman's Italian' has regular events: Karaoke, singers on stage (the guy singing when we were there sounded just like Michael Buble), and on New Years Eve they will be having an Elvis impersonator come in for the night

It's comedy, fun, loud and totally Italiano! Grazie, Bunga Bunga! And a very Merry Christmas to you all this weekend! Buon Natale!