There are some people out there that whatever they do it just oozes cool.
We have been really lucky to work with few of them.
Marta, our uber talented photographer got mortified when she realized it's only some product shots that we asked for... Well, it is not the kind of stuff she does at St Martins where everyone unanimously believes she is the next big thing... BUT, having an unmistakeable nose for quality, we got in touch, and as we believe one good thing leads to another, we hired her. Life is indeed full of surprises...

While she was photographing, we all got really warmed up by some great (and I really mean that!) tunes played by Flo, the photographer - ex Chateaux Marmont dj-come culture guru, who was swinging on the set wearing our 1962 Dior stuff.

It was then that we decided that our next proper photo shoot will be somewhere in Little Venice. It's on its way, so stay tuned. Thank you Marta and Flo!

And of course, thank you Mat for introducing us to Marta. You are our cyber design angel and the most chilled person we ever worked with! And because you know how meticulous and lost in details we can be, that comes as a big compliment!

To find how talented Marta is, check her website

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