Established in 1837, Hermès found its roots in the sport of horse riding and has grown to be the world’s foremost luxury French house. The company’s notable eye for craftsmanship provided a seamless transition into other areas of design and Hermès quickly rose as the most coveted handbags in the world. The luxury brand’s legacy continues to this day with the Birkin, Kelly and Evelyne, proving its label and handbags are worth lusting after, time and time again.

A massive component to the allure of Hermes lies in its exclusivity. Even for the elite, the waitlist for a new Hermes handbag can be up to six years and can range from £9,500 to £200,000. Aside from the rarity of these luxurious handbags, it is the expert and meticulous hand laboured craftsmanship paired with the superior quality of materials that truly makes them worth the hefty price tag and places them on pedestals as collectable artefacts.

Another layer to the Hermes line of prestige are the special order handbags that are branded with a horseshoe stamp marking its novelty. Handbags dawning this imprint are special order and one of a kind making them even more distinctive and valuable, as bespoke orders are not available to the public. While only the world’s top Hermes collectors are invited to place custom orders, they can take up to a few years to fulfil.