Black can be basic but also not so basic. We are pleased to present the queen of all Kelly bags, reserved for the chosen ones. Created in 2010, under the tight reign of Jean Paul Gaultier, the bag was shortly after discontinued only to become a staple on every collector’s list.

The SO Black Kelly is exponentially more rare than "regular" Kelly bags and is often offered to only the most loyal customers on the wait list. This gorgeous 35cm SO Black Kelly from 2010 is constructed of smooth and shiny Box calfskin leather which is noted for it's soft and supple texture. This Kelly So Black also features matching black ruthenium hardware. The interior is lined in luxurious goatskin in matching black.







Handbag collectors are always looking for unusual and limited edition pieces and so the Hermes Kelly So black is definitely one of them. Rewind Vintage Affairs is proud to present a large variety of limited edition and unique pre-owned investment bags in our shop section, which can be viewed here.

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