The most recent season of Mad Men has signaled the return of 'career-girl wardrobe Peggy Olsen, yummy mummy Betty Francis and sassy secretary Joan Harris'.

In an interview, Mad Men Costume Designer, Janie said, in response to whether she had any particular tules for accessorizing, 'Accessories can change an outfit in an instant: necklaces, cuffs, bracelets, earrings, chunky cocktail rings, scarves, purses, shoes, hair ornaments and belts. My rule is to experiment with accessories and discover what works best for you.' According to Janie, the way to add a retro 60's edge to any outfit is to wear layers of pearl necklaces, worn with a dramatic brooch, and matching handbag and shoes! Whether with a statement pair of earrings, or a colourful multi-use scarf, the trick is to stand out. The Sixties were famously about the big, the bold and the bright, so to get the look, you'll need the confidence to catch everyone's eye.

Betty has to be our favourite character is the series, in terms of style. Her feminine pearls, elegantly put together with a matching handbag and shoe combo (normally in lizard or crocodile skin), with long flowing vintage 60's dresses and skirts, topped off with some vibrant red lipstick gives her that capable, self-sufficient-woman look that Chanel so deeply believed in. Women during the Sixties were beginning to express themselves through unique and individual fashion choices.

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