X-Factor’s ‘new generation’ judge, Kelly Rowland has definitely got an eye for rich style. She is a bit of a clothing chameleon, loving to mix up her style with bright colours, clashing shades, and all sorts of different shapes and cuts.

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Having moved on from co-ordinated costumes with Destiny’s Child, the American songstress revealed that it took her a while get used to picking pieces on her alone, but was aided with the help of her stylist, Joel Dash who “had all these cool, crazy ideas," she enthused to Juicy magazine. "He understood costumes and stage outfits and the red carpet and I just love that. He knew all of it and he knows how to pick things at the last minute."

The stunning songstress loves seeking out new fashions, choosing only the best in design, whether she is jet-setting across the globe to be an X-Factor judge, or performing onstage in front of millions. “I like to see what I have first, see what everyone else is doing, and then I put my own shake on stuff so it’s my own,” she reveals.

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So we found it a HUGE compliment when she called up asking to borrow one of our Chanel 2.55 bags AND Hermes Collier de Chien belts!

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And as the true star that she is, she even invited us to the live show on Sunday night!

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A big YES from Rewind! xx