It's always important to be honest, especially when it comes to dealing with top-end vintage designer pieces. We understand that you want authentic pieces (rather than buying a bag online and finding out the next day it's a fake) and we know you want honest prices. Each of out bags are individually priced according to size, hide, condition and, of course, its rarity.

Inspired by the magazines we read, we've created our own SKINTED VS. MINTED so you know that you are not being ripped off and that you are getting top quality names, with honest condition descriptions and style facts.

We will be comparing Rewind prices with similar bags available to buy on the internet, from various other top sellers, and regularly updating you on our latest finds that we have in store and how much you can save by buying with us.

And purely because we really do believe that honesty is the best policy.

Your first issue of Skinted Vs. Minted is coming to you on Monday!