A Special Order Hermes creation is the peak of exclusivity. For those to whom a classic and iconic Hermes bag, whether it be a Birkin, Kelly or Constance, isn’t quite exclusive enough, the SO, as it’s popularly called, is the way to go. However, like all special clubs, one must be invited to get your hands on a Hermes Special Order.

Twice a year, Hermes offers some of their most valuable clients the opportunity to co-create their Hermes bag. Hermes clients with strong purchase histories are invited to customize their very own Hermes handbag, including the covetable Birkin, Kelly, and Constance styles. The lucky VIPs are able to select the type of leather, colour and even colour combinations, hardware, stitching and bag strap, among other customisable design features.

When it comes to the bag’s stitching, SO clients aren’t just able to select the colour. You can even choose whether to have the bag’s stitching on the inside, referred to Retourne stitching, giving the bag a softer look, or on the outside called Sellier stitching, making for a more structured looking bag. What makes the experience even more special is that every SO season, Hermes offers colours that are exclusively available for SO clients to choose from. A few hardware options, including the brushed palladium and brushed gold, are also only available through Special Order.

If you’d like a one of a kind Hermes handbag of your own but still haven’t been offered one by your Hermes Sales Associate or Sales Director, or, if you’re ready for another one but don’t want to wait, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Rewind Vintage, we can assist your entry or elevate your membership in the prestigious Horseshoe club with a pre-loved Special Order piece. What’s even better is that it won’t require the long wait time that comes with Special Orders. We’ll find you that elusive and exclusive unicorn bag, with the prestigious horseshoe insignia, and fast track your way to the pinnacle of luxury handbags.