This year, if you make it to any exhibition in London, make it a good one! Hermès will be celebrating their 175 years with a 20-day gallery show in Burlington Gardens this May, entitled 'Leather Forever'. On display will be examples of the brand's infamous Kelly and Birkin bags, and, according to Vogue, ' The crucially-important artisans - who train for years to be able to replicate the attention to detail the brand has maintained since its 18th Century beginnings - will also be present at the exhibition, giving visitors and up-close, real-time insight into the manufacture of the brand's bags.' Any Hermès fan's dream!

And what's more, the exhibition will feature four totally unique bags, representing England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales that will be auctioned later on, with all proceeds donated to the Royal Academy of Arts.

Better get booking those flights to London then!