As we know women cannot have enough shoes - many have a whole cupboard dedicated to their shoe collection! However, within the fashion world many forget the importance of the handbag, the ultimate fashion accessory. Some fashionistas have a large handbag collection as compared to their shoe collection. This is because handbags are seen as the ultimate arm candy, being the highlight of any outfit.

Magazines often focus only on handbags, featuring glossy pages full of adverts and articles on celebrities wearing the latest Hermes or Chanel handbags. Owning an Hermes or Chanel bag is the dream of any fashion conscious classy woman.

Handbags have evolved over time; women first used purses to carry coins, whereas men had large pockets in which they could carry items. The term handbag originally originated in the 1900s. Looking over the years you can see the change in style, shape and purpose for handbags. Designers such as Chanel and Hermes have evolved the handbag not to only be practical but also a fashionable accessory. Birkin bags are a renowned handbag and can be seen as the ultimate arm candy. The Birkin bag comes in a variety of colours and materials allowing you to have one to match every outfit in your wardrobe.

Chanel handbags exude elegance from every quilt (the Chanel quilted bag is the ultimate fashion must have). It has remained stylish throughout the decades and a vintage Chanel is the perfect bag to have in your collection, as it is a great investment.

Have a look at our Just In section for some great pieces of pre-owned fashion. This Chanel beige quilted leather shoulder bag (shown below) features a large double ‘cc’ logo and is the perfect investment. The colour is versatile and matches any outfit! A great example of a Chanel classic handbag.