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For every luxury fashion connoisseur, Goyard bags and wallets have been a sought-after high-end classic.Blame it on the immediately Goyard authentic print, or simply on the fact that authentic Goyard wallets graciously offer a refined way to carry all your necessities without compromising on style. Whether you are planning on fulfilling your fantasy of going on an impulse trip abroad, or have always been enamoured with luxury designer leather goods, we rounded up the best tips to spot Goyard real vs fake wallets while shopping on the pre-loved market.

 Real vs Fake St. Sulpice Goyard Wallet: Box and Stamp 

Goyard boxes should have the instantly signature Goyardine canvas grainy feel to them as opposed to the counterfeit boxes that usually have no texture. You should be able to spot the heat-stamped engraved Goyard logo on the inside of the pouch.Take notice of the font. It should be precise with identical spacing between each line contrary to counterfeits that often appear to have an odd, deeply engraved font. 

Stitching and leather quality

Pay attention to the stitching. Goyard wallets feature perfectly straight stitching with no irregularities. The brand is known for its impeccable leather quality that always comes with a texture to it.Counterfeits are often plain in texture with a flat feel to the leather. The stitching is never precise.

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Goyard St. Sulpice Wallet: Real Vs. Fake


The Goyard Saint Sulpice comes equipped with a soft-cotton fabric cloth, whereas in Goyard wallets we often see cloths that are made of synthetic material. Authentic Goyard products also come with branded tags and papers. However, counterfeits don’t include these items.

 Where can I get an authentic Goyard Saint Sulpice wallet?

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