Emotional baggage is the brainchild of REWIND, UK’s premier online destination for unique luxury vintage fashion. It’s more than a side project, it’s a labour of love born out of an urge to create raw, edgy images that describe the 21st century woman in a refreshing light. The idea was brought to life by a creative team championed by the brand’s founder Claudia Ricco, who partnered with Janan Shihadeh, a gifted Palestinian artist and above all, an incredible friend with an inspiring life story. They first met 14 years ago, and although their relationship had a funny start, it turned out to be one of the sincerest friendships there is – the type that makes you grow.
The spirit behind the brand is humorous and artistic at the same time. Everyone has emotional baggage – we are all damaged in diverse and interesting ways. By mixing fashion with modern art and fresh, out-of-the box ideas for expressing yourself and your beloved, character-building scars, they've created bags that celebrate one of the most glamorous projects any of us can undertake: learning how to carry our emotional baggage well with humor and style.


But there is more to Emotional Baggage than meets the eye...

We think Fashion is great - but Expression is key. That’s why we’ve come up with a new and unique way to help you look 100% stunning while rocking your individuality with pride: we’re introducing full customization and name painting onto fashion accessories. This means you can turn your fave pieces into inimitable works of art by having your name or initials custom-painted on them, plus an array of vibey, breath-taking imagery - from pop-art to iconic objects to people - creating unique, personalised artful accessories that will wow any crowd. LE825-2

How it works

Send in your own accessory by mail or courier. Our designated REWIND artist will then skillfully personalise it according to your brief and return the (awesome) finished product via FedEx or DHL.

The designs

REWIND’s recontextualisation of familiar images from popular culture is not to be mistaken for copy-cat art. We are into taking an icon and twisting it to fit your character, therefore making it yours. You can approach your one-of-a-kind art piece in many different ways: either choose an existing REWIND design and further personalise it as you wish; or put together parts of previous designs for a 'pic n mix' style. Or, even better – we can create new designs with your input, either inspired by iconic imagery or created from scratch. This works for name-painting, too. Excited? We are, too ;)

To find out more about the quality of our materials, our timings and the payment options, please get in touch with our team via bags@rewindvintage.co.uk