We’ve got a new favourite website here at Rewind HQ and, just for you, we’ve managed to select some highlights. The Couveteur.com features some of the world’s most amazing wardrobes, giving us a peek into the lives and styles of some incredibly glamorous women.
Perhaps the most amazing of all the wardrobes available for your perusal is Tina Craig’s. Based in Dallas, Craig (co-founder of Snob Global Media) has the largest collection of Hermes accessories we’ve ever seen. Her breathtaking collection is mostly 30cm Birkin bags in rare exotic skins and hard-to-find colours.
Some of the other ladies whose wardrobes you mustn’t miss include Laetitia Crahay (artistic director at Chanel), Jamie King (model) and Rumi Neely (blogger).
Now if we could just persuade them to share their wardrobes with us...

The Coveteur, Chanel, Shop Rewind

Tina Craig, Hermes Birkin Bag, Vintage Hermes

Tina Craig, Vintage Hermes Jewellery, Hermes

Hermes Clutch Bag, Hermes Vintage

Vintage Chanel

Vintage jewellery, Vintage Hermes, Vintage