Whether you are a handbag aficionado or a true luxury fashion connoisseur, chances are that you've probably found yourself enamoured with at least one of the many Vintage Chanel bags and their rich legacy. We've previously discussed all the ways you can capitalize on the rising cost of luxury, and thanks to the most recent Chanel price increase, now is the best time to really utilize the pre-loved industry to your advantage. Even though many luxury brands have been slowly but surely increasing their prices, Chanel is probably one of the most talked-about cases.

We heard solid rumours of the 2021 Chanel Price Increase back in December of 2020 and as of January 15th, 2021, the Chanel flap bag / double flap bag you’ve been lusting after cost even more. However, Chanel hiked up its prices twice during the pandemic. After introducing an increase of between 5 and 17 per cent on certain styles, including the beloved Chanel crossbody bag, in May 2020, the brand followed up with another 5 per cent rise in October 2020.

Price increase Chanel 2021

Now, staying true to the word of Philippe Blondiaux who mentioned that prices could go up again during summer, on July 1st Chanel raised the price tag by almost 15% yet again. Investment worthy bags like the Chanel’s Classic Medium and Classic Jumbo Flap bags increased in price by almost 15 per cent to £5,550 and £6,050, while the Chanel 19 Small bag is currently up by 10 per cent.

While many customers would like to invest in a brand new Chanel Classic Maxi Flap Bag or a Reissue 227 before the increase, it won’t be easy since this version now costs and £6,790! If you aren't yet well-reversed in ins and outs of how to sell/ buy pre-owned Chanel bags, maybe this month is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge.

The impact of the Chanel Price Increase on the pre-loved market

Chanel Navy tweed flap bag

This might be the perfect time to do so for fashion-savvy bargain shoppers and sellers who want to take advantage of their Vintage Chanel handbags. In the wake of this significant retail price increase, second-hand Chanel bags are a great opportunity to score some of the most south-after styles like the Chanel lego bag as well as offer their used and new Chanel bags and turn them into a profit. Just in case it happens to seek one of the rarest, limited edition styles like the Chanel milk carton bag, our pre-loved luxury designer collection is still the best option for you.



Chanel Milk Carton Bag

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Chanel Lego Bag

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Whether you are looking to Buy and sell Chanel bags or a few beautifully-crafted Vintage Chanel jewellery, this season offers the perfect opportunity to branch out and commit to a “Smart Investment."