From the super skinny to the curvier figure, from waist belts to skinny belts, from practical ones to fashion statements, the belt has been a necessity for every man, woman and child since the 1920's. It's a perfect addition to spruce up any outfit, and a wardrobe staple for the accessory addict.

Make a statement and jazz up your wardrobe with a few of our finest designer belts. The best thing about them is that, like an accessory, you can wear them all year round, so don't worry about splurging a little - you will get your moneys worth! Follow in the perfectly pedicured footsteps of some of the world's biggest celebrity fashion connoisseurs.

[caption id="attachment_2351" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="A MUST-HAVE!"][/caption]

Teamed with a simple pair of jeans, or with a dazzling dress, a Chanel belt is the fashion cherry on top of any a la mode outfit!