On Monday morning, Fred Perry made a decision to release the Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry Collection, after much consideration and the blessing from Amy's close family.

[caption id="attachment_1361" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Amy wearing Fred Perry"][/caption]

Winehouse's royalties and fees from the collection will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, soon-to-be set up by her father, Mitch. This, along with Fred Perry making a seasonal donation to the Foundation will give the charity a powerful head-start helping to support those struggling with substance abuse, after the death of the iconic singer in July.

"When Fred Perry came to us to ask what we would like to do with the new collection it was natural to continue," said Amy Winehouse's father, Mitch, in a statement.

A previous collection released in October last year, co-designed by the singer was inspired by Amy's personal style, including skinny pencil skirts, wide waist belts, twinsets, capri pants, mini dresses, and polo shirts (as seen in the photo above)

These classy and classic dresses are some pieces from the new Winhouse/Fred Perry collaboration:

[caption id="attachment_1363" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Amy Winehouse for Fred Perry"][/caption]

[caption id="attachment_1365" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Amy Winehouse Dress for Fred Perry"][/caption]

The talented English singer-songwriter's distinctive style made her a muse to Karl Lagerfeld. "She's a style icon," Lagerfeld said as she he unveiled Chanel's Winehouse-inspired Paris-Londres Maison d'Art show in London in 2007."She's not only a muse; she's a genius."

She will be remembered not only for her soul-filled unique talent for music, but for her creative, classy style. RIP Amy xoxo