Fashion tends to a top priority for the famous. We can see why: when you're basically chased by cameras all the time (and more often than not, against your will), you'll want to at least look glamorous in the resulting pictures. Fair enough.

In the search for a unique look, celebrities make an effort to wear original ensembles that only a select few have access to: that's why many resort to vintage pieces. From Chanel to rare treasures from the 1920s, each os these 10 hand-picked A-listers takess their own personal approach to rocking vintage items.

The images speak for themselves... A feast for luxury-loving eyes!


Kate Bosworth in a one-off vintage Hollywood gown


Kate Moss in a vintage Christian Dior gown


Milla Jovovich wearing a 1920s headband and a vintage diamanté purse


Rihanna in vintage Chanel jewellery, sun glasses and bag


Chloë Sevigny in a a vintage Thierry Mugler dress and vintage brooch and earrings


Beyoncé Knowles-Carter in vintage Chanel jacket and jewellery

sarah jessica parker vintage

Sarah Jessica Parker in vintage necklace and vintage Chanel gown


Dita Von Teese in 1950s dresses

alexa chung vintage

Alexa Chung with a vintage Chanel bag and vintage jewellery

kirsten dunst vintage

Kirsten Dunst with a vintage Chanel bag and a vintage Chanel gown