1. Farfetch Debuts Our Collection of Coveted Chanel

    Farfetch Debuts Our Collection of Coveted Chanel

        As we mark the celebration of our 10 year anniversary we are excited to announce our partnership with Farfetch as they debut our drool-worthy rarities from our recently acquired vintage Chanel collection. Obtained from fabulously fashionable English socialite Catherine McNulty who was often included in company such as Diana,...
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  2. Wearable Art - Exquisite Chanel Finds

    Wearable Art - Exquisite Chanel Finds

        From whimsical handbags to luxurious and effortless clothing, CHANEL has been transforming modern fashion for nearly a century. While fashion mavens are abuzz with the exciting placement of Virginie Viard as Chanel’s new Creative Director who made her haute couture debut at Grand Palais earlier this year...
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  3. Buying Resale - Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

    Buying Resale - Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

      Why Buying Used Matured from Trend to PracticeVintage and second hand have had moments in the spotlight for the past two decades. With changing social climates and environmental landscapes, buying brand new is no longer worth the exclusivity. Growing 21 times faster than the retail apparel market over that past three years, recent reports...
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  4. A Chanel It-Bag Index

    A Chanel It-Bag Index

      One thing’s for sure, no one does fantasy like Chanel. From the decadent costume jewellery worn by Coco herself, to the theatrical runways of Karl Lagerfeld’s vision, the brand has always been interwoven with magic. Karl Lagerfeld is infamous for translating the elaborate fairytales of each of his Chanel collections into...
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  5. Is it a real deal ?

    Is it a real deal ?

        Our products are a result of extensive research, resulting in unique vintage and pre-owned finds. All of our items are hand picked and thoroughly inspected and we guarantee that all of the items we sell are 100% authentic. To put your mind at ease we offer a full refund if any of our items are deemed not to be genuine but that is just...
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  6. 12 Days of Rewind Christmas

    12 Days of Rewind Christmas

    It's the happiest time of the year so for the holidays this year, give your loved ones something unique: Vintage. From Hermes to Chanel, 1920s to 1980s.. we have what you're looking for. We've put together our own version of the 12 Days of Christmas here at Rewind Vintage.. but hurry up, there's only one of each! The 12 days of Rewind...
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  7. Rewind's Autumn Favourites

    Rewind's Autumn Favourites

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  8. New Arrivals at Rewind

    New Arrivals at Rewind

    New items, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Christian Dior, have been arriving every day here at Rewind Vintage and these are only just a few. Each piece unique in its own way, you won't want to miss out. To see all of them, visit our website. 1. The perfect evening bag to compliment any outfit, available in bright beaded colours or...
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  9. Couture Fashion Week Updates: Chanel

    Couture Fashion Week Updates: Chanel

    A quick behind the scenes look at yesterdays haute-couture Chanel fall-winter 2013 show. Beneath the domes of the Grand Palais, the set was designed to look like a dilapidated theatre and, 'old meets new,' was all the talk. Hues of white, stone grey, black and silver came down the runway and were seen on the likes of Rihanna and Kristen...
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  10. Closet Envy

    Closet Envy

    We’ve got a new favourite website here at Rewind HQ and, just for you, we’ve managed to select some highlights. The features some of the world’s most amazing wardrobes, giving us a peek into the lives and styles of some incredibly glamorous women. Perhaps the most amazing of all the wardrobes available for your...
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  11. Summer Essentials

    Summer Essentials

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  12. Christmas Chanel

    Christmas Chanel

    The countdown continues, and what better way to do so then with Rewind's new Chanel collection! Whether quilted, satin or simply classic, you can't go wrong with a Chanel. Such iconic pieces are a must have this year and would be the perfect touch to this magical season. As well as the always classic Chanel, the new Cassette Tape Bag is a stylish...
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