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There’s something spellbinding about breathing new life into classic, timeless, fashion. Rewind Vintage Affairs dives deep into time and rifles through decades of days gone by to bring chic treasures to the surface. For it is there that they will finally become connected with their new loving owners in our ever-expanding selection of vintage fabulousness.

My name is Claudia, and I’ve had a special relationship with fashion ever since I can remember. Eventually, I turned my passion into a career, serving in various Senior Executive roles across the fashion industry. Although I enjoyed analyzing emerging trends and my diverse responsibilities that ranged from talent scouting to manufacturing and distribution, I yearned for something a little more personal; something a little more me. I wanted to create a business that would never go out of fashion and remain permanently on trend.

Throughout my journeys around the globe, I’ve scoured every city and country I have visited for its best vintage offerings. Over the years I travelled to over 70 countries and discovered and collected some of the world’s most eclectic items, from clothing to jewellery, handbags, art, and furniture. From London to New York , Sidney and Tokyo, I was constantly stopped by people dying to know where I had found whatever I was wearing that day. My home transformed into an oasis of eccentric style -- a multi-decade art museum devoted to society’s best moments in fashion and art. Yet, at some point, there was barely room for me in there!

Eventually, I decided to leverage my gift for finding sensational things from yesteryear to create a business that could span both trends and seasons: a luxury secondhand shopping experience where buying old would be as satisfying as buying new. Launching Rewind Vintage Affairs in 2010 was my curated collection big coming out. Now, everyone can access a piece of this unparalleled collection of authentic, pre-loved designer bags, vintage clothing and accessories, and beyond. Immerse yourself in the exquisite, timeless taste of favourites like Chanel, Hermes, Vuitton, and Dior, as well as “it brands”, such as Gucci, Alaia, and Prada.

More than 20,000 sold items later, our team has grown and we’ve been featured on national and international television and media. Our unrivalled knowledge in vintage, high-end fashion has been recognized with honourable awards for being a respected authority on the subject. The bold and unusual staples that define this style house have even caught the attention of buyers at international Fashion Week events and multiple times endorsed by magazines like Vogue, Forbes, Harper's Bazaar and many more.

Every piece on our website is genuine, high-quality, hand-chosen, and has a story behind its capture. Beyond our trendy London showroom, you’ll also find us at occasional pop-up events in the UK and Italy. Or explore our online boutique that offers worldwide shipping. Rewind Vintage Affairs can’t wait to be the thing that enables you to discover that rare gem that will become your everything.

Fashionably yours,
Claudia & Rewind

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