Emotional Baggage 'Birds' Louis Vuitton Bag SOLD

Emotional Baggage 'Birds' Louis Vuitton Bag SOLD

Product Code: LE502

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Hand painted vintage Louis Vuitton Leather bag featuring a customized hand painted design.

Material: Leather

Colour: Monogram, Hand-painted design

Measurements: Length: 48cm Height: 33cm Width: 14cm

Condition: Excellent condition - Vintage Bag with contemporary design

Rewind Vinatage Emotional Baggage

brainchild of Rewind
, these customized bags have been created by mixing
fashion with modern art and fresh, out-of-the box ideas for expressing yourself. They celebrate
one of the most glamorous projects any of us can undertake: learning how to
carry our emotional baggage well with humour and style.


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